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Buy Nitrous Oxide

As I continue writing this blog then I will be conducting some experiments into N2O and if you want to play along then you will need to buy nitrous oxide to be able to join in. The easiest way to purchase it is to find somewhere that sells it in cream chargers for making whipped cream. These are quite inexpensive and come in little 8gm steel canisters. It is also possible to buy it for automotive use in places like Boss Noss.

Nitrous Oxide Canisters

My preference would be for the smaller cream chargers because they are easier to manage and do not require any particularly complicated systems to release the gas – only a whipped cream dispenser which is a pressure vessel designed to mix the gas with the cream – but for the simple science experiments I am going to do then using a 0.5l cream whipper would be ideal.

The small Nitrous Oxide cream chargers are for sale here.

The basic process is that the Nitrous Oxide is held under high pressure in the cream chargers and it would be difficult to control it as it escaped without some sort of regulator. When it is released from the tiny canister into the whipper it will still be held at about 4X atmospheric pressure and would therfor be much easier to handle.

The pressure vessels are only designed for holding the specified amount of gas – so do not be tempted to either add two chargers or use a 16gm whippet in a 0.5l pressure vessel.

The amount of gas you will need will not be too great and I would suggest a small box of 24 best whip chargers would be more than adequate to begin with.


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Not a lot to tell really - I like it fast and I like it creamy!


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