buy nitrous oxideIf you don’t believe that greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to a warming of the globe then I would not trouble you with expecting you to continue reading this.

If however you think that mankind is having an effect upon the temperature of the planet through the gases that we release then this website might be of some interest to you.

Everybody knows that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas – but how many people realised that Nitrous Oxide has an even stronger influence over the greenhouse affect than CO2!

Just to warm you up here are some nitrous oxide facts:

  • Nitrous Oxide was invented by Joseph Priestly
  • It is used as an anaesthetic
  • In some countries it is abused as a narcotic
  • It is a whipped cream propellant
  • Nitrous Oxide can be used as an oxidiser for rocket fuels
  • N2O is a greenhouse gas!





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